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BizBuddy was founded with the basic premise that the most valuable asset to any organization is its people. Signs of an improving economy, pending baby-boomer retirement and escalating cost of health care have made it imperative that organizations think strategically in the area of talent management.  Leading organizations recognize the tremendous opportunity  to gain a competitive advantage in the market by becoming leaner and smarter in the area of talent management.  BizBuddy helps our clients become more profitable by aligning their business strategy to their Gen Y talent management strategy.  Gen Y is defined as the generation born between 1980-2000.  We accomplish this by sharing our expertise in the following areas: Workforce planning, talent assessment, leadership development, managing Gen Y, engagement and retention, employer branding, talent acquisition, interview process, candidate experience and on-boarding. No business strategy can succeed without a related talent strategy. How does your talent management strategy compare with the best in the industry? Contact BizBuddy today to find out!