Your Career Starts Here

The main focus of BizBuddy is to help candidates get clear about their ultimate career goals and how to achieve them. We will work together on how to navigate the path from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be. Think of it as GPS for your career. Our philosphy is built on the premise begin with the end in mind.

Career Assessment/Strategic Goal Planning

First we develop a long range plan identifying where you would like to see your career in the future.  Next we plot out step-by-step what you need to do to reach your ultimate career goal. Finally, we work on crafting your personal brand and give advice on how to leverage your network. This package covers a total of 6 hours, and if desired, additional hours can be added.

Individual Sessions

This service includes a one-hour consultation with me to review your current job search strategy and discussions of what may be impeding you from success. These sessions are highly customized to each individual’s career interest. A plan is essential to maintain a professional advantage in the job hiring process. These sessions are perfect gifts for graduating seniors who are in the midst of their on-campus search.

Mock Interviewing

This is a one-hour session.  The first half-hour will be dedicated to questions and answers. The other half-hour is dedicated to critiquing the interview, offering advice on  how to better answer questions and specific strategies to utilize during the interview process.

Undergraduate Career Planning

This program is for those in college. We work on strengths/skills assessment, developing a professional online presence and techniques to network strategically on campus. Additionally, we discuss best major and course curriculum to prepare you for a successful internship and full-time job search. (2 total hours)