Employer Consulting & Services Provided by BizBuddy

Workforce Planning

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Unfortunately, the severe economic recession has forced companies to streamline their entire operation. One of the biggest challenges they face is learning how to run the business with less people. As the economy begins to recover, how you re-build your workforce will be one of the most critical decisions you make for the future of your company. Workforce planning is a process of matching an organization’s workforce needs to execute its business objectives. With economists predicting within the next 3-5 years we will eventually run out of talent, along with upcoming boomer retirement, our candidate demand will far exceed our supply. The significance of companies building a talent pipeline has never been more important. Your organization can only support and sustain growth if it has the talent to manage that growth.

BizBuddy does not believe in applying “cookie-cutter” solutions to workforce planning. Instead, we apply our strategic approach to develop a custom analysis for your workforce. We analyze your staff by identifying what roles and individuals are most critical. During this process, we assess the current talent within your organization and which individuals are high potential leaders for the future. We then build a talent pipeline for any potential gaps within the workforce. BizBuddy develops an effective workforce plan that leaves your organization positioned for growth.

Talent Assessment & Leadership Development

Business MeetingHave you properly identified the rising superstars for future leadership roles within your company?  If yes, what have you done to  inform these individuals about your intentions for their future growth at your firm? Leadership development is more important than ever as baby boomers are moving closer to retirement. Once your top talent is determined, do you know how to design an effective leadership development program to properly retain these employees ? BizBuddy will work with you to create an “emerging leaders” program which ties the future leadership requirements to the business strategy for each department of your company. We will develop career roadmaps for your top performers to keep them engaged and excited about continuing their future with your organization. Additionally, we will implement a structure for successors to seamlessly transition into new roles.

Millennial Management

Business Meeting from AboveManaging and leading GenY has proven to be one of the most difficult tasks facing companies today. The financial implications of effective leadership is enormous. Studies have shown that the difference between a great leader and a good one can be as much as a 100% impact on revenue. Furthermore, ineffective leadership can have dire implications on a business. In fact, analysis by the Ken Blanchard Companies shows that the average organization is forfeiting over $1 million per year in untapped potential because of less-than-optimal leadership practices.

By working with us, you will learn what inspires and motivates your Gen Y employees to do a superior job. Additionally, you will gain a greater understanding of what’s important to this particular generation, how to communicate effectively  and how to balance being their “friend” versus their leader.

Engagement & Retention

PlanningIs your firm prepared to handle losing some of your top performers?  Are you doing anything to stop this from happening? Does your firm currently have a retention strategy in place?  Most employers understand that the cost associated with keeping a superstar employee versus replacing him/her in the organization is much cheaper.  Along with financial impact associated with having to replace your best people, there are the following consequences: millions of dollars of lost productivity, increased training and development costs, organizational disruption, demoralization of remaining employees and possible loss of clients. As Jim Collins has noted, “Indeed, as great companies grow up, we see continuity and order in management tenure and succession. Insiders preserve the core values, understanding them on a gut level in a way that outsiders usually cannot. Yet, insiders can also be change agents, building on the core values while moving the company in exciting new directions.”

BizBuddy will work with you to implement a proactive retention strategy so that your top performers stay with your organization. To develop a competitive advantage around an issue as crucial as retention requires a strategy that is exceptional. Whereas most organizations never formalize a retention approach, BizBuddy works proactively with you to keep your top performers engaged and growing with your company.

Employment Brand

Taking Notes

Your employment brand is the company’s perception from those who work inside the organization as well as candidates in the employment marketplace. Every company should strive to be perceived with greatness.  With the explosive growth of social media, the importance of managing your firm’s employment brand is imperative.  A solid employment brand has proven to be a cost-effective solution across the following disciplines: workforce planning, talent assessment, retention and recruiting.

When assessing your employment brand, we will work with you to ensure that your company’s core values are reflected throughout your marketing material. A clearly defined strategy is the most important factor in achieving employer brand objectives.  We will produce an effective brand message that will engage candidates and employees alike.

Talent Acquistion

HandshakeThe recent economic downturn forced many organizations to rethink their business model and marketplace niche. As a result, most companies are seeking to reduce costs wherever possible, including in the arena of talent acquisition. Many organizations have adopted the growing trend of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). The major advantage of RPO is that your recruiting cost is now shifted to a variable cost as opposed to a sunk fixed cost to your organization. BizBuddy RPO works to innovate and improve the recruiting and hiring process. This is one of our core competencies. Often times we can greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the use of third party contingency firms and their high fees.

What’s Included in BizBuddy RPO:

  1. Improve Recruitment Process: We will discuss effective recruitment/sourcing strategies for specific positions within your organization. This includes job boards, social network sourcing, direct sourcing of candidates and an effective employee referral program.
  2. Selection Support: We will help you identify the right talent by screening resumes, creating a standardized application process, assessment tool template and teaching hiring managers how to effectively interview.
  3. First Round Interviews: This works with the “selection support” part of the process.  You will have the ability to leverage the experience of an expert in behavioral and performance based interviewing.  We will provide a comprehensive summary to the hiring managers regarding all candidates who pass the first round interview.  All candidates who do not advance will receive an update informing them that they are no longer in consideration.
  4. Manage all communication with hiring managers: Manage all communications with hiring managers throughout the interview process including interview scheduling and candidate follow up.
  5. Implement an ongoing recruiting strategy: We develop a game-plan to ensure your company remains an ideal destination for top performers moving forward.

What are the benefits of BizBuddy RPO:

  • Streamline the recruitment process
  • Offer best practice recommendations
  • Enables you to focus on business’s core competency
  • Cost/Efficiency savings

Process-Based Interviewing

Writing Notes

What factors do you consider when advancing a candidate in the interview process?  Do you base it on a “gut feeling” or  do you have a standardized interview process at your company?  What kind of training have you provided for your interviewers?  What has your company done to identify the skills, behaviors and cultural characteristics of your top performers?

BizBuddy will work with you to learn and determine the key characteristics of your most successful employees. Based on that research, we will design a customized evaluation form, as well as, accompanying questions to ask during the interview process. By taking the guess work out of the interviewing process, we optimize your quality of hire.


OnboardingWhat are you doing to ensure the first day is an easy and exciting transition for a new hire? What does your current new hire orientation program look like? Does your current on-boarding process engage your new employees immediately?

BizBuddy works with you to create a meaningful on-boarding process which will result in employees ramping up to full productivity faster within your organization. A successful on-boarding program also serves as a great retention tool for the future leaders of your organization. We  willwork with you to produce an on-boarding manual which can be easily implemented for each new hire who joins your company.