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Me Inc.

How are you differentiating yourself, as a candidate, in such a competitive marketplace?  This seminar highlights the steps to brand yourself like any company would do.  “Me Inc.” will teach you how to prepare yourself for professional success as well as sharpen your interviewing skills.

Corporate Speaking Topics

The Time Is Now: Hiring The Best From Campus

Companies will gain a better understanding of the importance of a campus presence in order to recruit top talent for their organization.  The Yankees spend a considerable amount of time and resources on their minor league talent; your company should be no different. Based on my expertise, I will explain how to create a successful on-campus campaign including: how to work with career services, word of mouth / viral marketing on campus and which campuses to target based on your specific needs. Outsourced campus recruiting is optional.

Develop A Culture And Brand To Attract The Best

This session will cover how attract GenY/Millennials to work for your company. We will discuss the importance of your online brand and how to develop a company culture that will yield the greatest return on your human capital investment. This session is often accompanied with “Managing to lead: how to get the best out of your millennial employees.”

Process Based Interviewing

This session is for employers who hire based on a “gut feeling.”  By learning about the key characteristics of your best employees we devise a strategic matrix for evaluating candidates so that you can eliminate the guess-work of hiring. You will leave with a customized interview evaluation form, as well as, accompanying questions to ask during the interview process.

Leadership: How To Engage, Motivate and Manage Your Millennial Employees

This program is designed to teach your managers how increase the performance of your GEN Y employees. You will learn what motivates and inspires GEN Y to superior job performance. You will leave this session with a greater understanding of what’s important to this generation, how to engage and communicate effectively and how to balance being a “friend” versus their leader.