My epiphany during Bethenny getting married

by Michael on July 27, 2010

 My wife tells me that my blog post are too male-centric so I figured it’s about time I get in touch with my metro-sexual self and reveal a little secret…I watch Bethenny getting married. In fact, not only do I watch it, it is appointment viewing in our house. Although I find the whole concept of “real housewives” deplorable, I find Bethenny quite entertaining. While watching the most recent episode with my wife, a thought occurred to me (shocking I know to have a thought of any substance during trash tv), Bethenny’s current situation has a lot to do with corporate America. 

In the most recent episode, Bethenny unexpectedly gave birth 5 weeks before her due date. Thankfully, everyone involved is fully healthy. This got me to thinking, how many companies out there would be ready for the addition of a huge client?

Do you have a talent management plan and process in place highlighting any contingencies or developments that may occur in your company? Has your company’s growth been stunted because you have yet to develop a talent pipeline? What would it mean to your organization to have a turn-key talent solution ready to go should you land that big client. One thing many companies have done to their contingency plan is to increase the use out of contract workers. In fact according to this CNN article (, experts predict that up to 40% of workers in the next 10 years will be contract workers. Industries where contract work is experiencing significant growth are IT, advertising, new media, and human resources.  There are several reasons why this trend will continue to grow: escalating cost of health care, flexibility of workforce, allows business to adapt to change quicker, and less management resources tied up in personnel. As our economy continues to crawl back towards recovery, the most successful companies will be the ones who have been proactive in creating a talent management plan, which includes the use of contract workers.  Those that don’t have a plan in place will be left behind as others flourish, sort of like the rest of the housewives from NYC.

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