What the Super Bowl Champs can teach you about an effective job search

by Michael on February 9, 2010

Whether or not you are a football fan there are many lessons to be learned from the New Orleans Saints as it relates to you and your current job search. As you continue down your path to becoming the best in your field be sure to incorporate these concepts into your everyday life.

Attack your goals with passion: Every NFL team has the goal at the end of the year of winning a championship. However, the Saints were unique in that their team is so interwoven with the fabric of the city they are representing. This bond with their city was cited by every player on the team as a motivating factor towards achieving their goal. Winning this game wasn’t just about a football trophy for football fans, it was about a goal for their entire community. A goal fueled by passion is far more likely to succeed than a goal without feeling. Make sure your goals in your career are aligned with those things you are passionate about.

Resillience: During their historic climb to a championship the Saints faced plenty of adversity. Once known as the laughingstock of the NFL, things got so bad that fans used to wear brown bags over their faces to games as to not be seen. The franchise hit absolute bottom in August of 2005 when Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city and even threatened permanent relocation of the team. However, it was from this rock bottom moment that their epic rise to the top began. Flash forward to Super Bowl 44 just four seasons after that horror and the Saints quickly found themselves behind 10-0 in the first quarter against the favored Colts. However, the Saints never gave up. Instead, the Saints found a way to close the gap to 10-6 heading into halftime. They would eventually trail again in the 2nd half only to come out victorious just as in the Minnesota game. It’s at times of adversity that character is revealed and the Saints displayed their heart and never give in attitude when things were looking bleak. Your job search is also going to have many ups and downs and chances for you to quit. However, those who remain committed end up the champions and the ones with the best jobs!

Be Unconventional/Aggressive: When facing a difficult challenge its always best to be aggressive. When the Saints were down in this game and facing a pivotal moment in the 2nd quarter down 10-3 with the ball on the Indianapolis 2 yard line they made an aggressive decision. Conventional wisdom would have had them kick a field goal but the Saints weren’t interested in doing what was safe, safe wasn’t going to get them the victory they coveted. Although they were stopped on that play (see resilience, above) they didn’t let that deter them from continuing to be aggressive and unconventional. By successfully recovering the onside kick to begin the 3rd quarter (By the way, first attempt in super bowl history before the 4th quarter) they continued down the aggressive path. Rather than letting fear of what others thought of their decisions rule them, they continued doing what they thought was right. This principle applies with your job search because by playing it safe you are doing nothing to differentiate yourself. Often times, unique is good when it comes to getting a job.

Hire a great coach: Four years ago Sean Payton took over a moribund franchise. Today, he is a world champion head coach and seen by many as the next generational leader every other team wants to emulate. He laid the foundation for success and his players followed. It was the coach who held the players accountable for attacking their goals with passion, taught them resiliency, and put forth the innovative aggressive strategy they deployed in the biggest game of their lives. As a job seeker, you too can reap the benefits of hiring a great coach.

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