What to do if you are LOST in your job search

by Michael on February 2, 2010

The final season of LOST is finally upon us. I’m sure some individuals feel like their job search has been the equivalent of being stranded on a remote desert island leading to nowhere. However, there are some lessons to be learned as to how to find salvation.

Believe in fate: John Locke has believed there was a higher power at work on this special island and that everyone is on the island for a reason. It is this belief that everything happens for a reason that his given him peace in such a seemingly dire situation. Much like Locke believes in fate, you too must take a step back from your current frustrations and understand that everything happens for a reason. You won’t know the reason immediately, but in time you will gain perspective and understand why your current plight has taken you down this path.

Have a plan: The yin, to Locke’s yang is Dr. Jack Shephard. Although, initially Jack thought that Locke was crazy he has slowly been won over to the concept of fate. Yet, Jack remains steadfast in taking a practical approach to everything. He is always the one doing the strategic thinking. Whether it was the initial escape from the island, the return to the island, or his determination to get the nuclear bomb detonated Jack is always the man with the plan. While on his way to discovering the “WHY” Jack has been proactive about putting together a plan. You too, must be proactive to succeed in reaching your goals of getting a job. You don’t want to be a Hurley who just goes with the flow, otherwise you will be on the sidelines as good opportunities continue to pass you by. Remember, Hurley is the one who eventually lost his mind!

The question you must ask yourself as a job seeker is are you a Jack or a Locke? Why not be a combination of both? Put a plan in place and leave the rest up to fate. Much like the end of the series shall go a long way towards explaining the “WHY”, your ideal career path will also present itself to you with some dedication and patience. Remember, everything happens for a reason on LOST and in life. The mysteries of the island and your current job search frustrations are soon to be revealed. Now it’s time to enjoy the ride.

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