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by Michael on January 28, 2010

BizBuddy is especially relevant in today’s environment with unemployment above 10% and searching for a job has become challenging, frustrating, confusing and down-right discouraging. It takes more than just sending your resume and a cover letter to stand out and secure a new job. Learning how to apply for a job, sorting through on-line applications and dealing with the overall interviewing challenges are essential skills just so you can make the “short list” of applicants. It is now more important than ever that candidates approach their job search and career direction proactively rather than reactively. There are no magic formulas to help you get a job. Being passive simply no longer works.

The main focus of BizBuddy is to help candidates get clear about their ultimate career goals and how to achieve them. We will work together on how to navigate the path from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be. Think of it as GPS for your career. My philosphy is built on the premise begin with the end in mind.

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R.I. Redisch, D.V.M., P.M.D. January 31, 2010 at 2:45 pm

The time is now for innovative techniques to secure the millenium generation graduates the opportunity to obtain their career goals in today”s difficult environment. With Michael’s unique track record in this regard and the entire BizBUDDY philosophy, this is an absolute win-win for all who participate.


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